Our goal is to work with our residents to help them find the strength and skills to move on to self-sufficiency.

Shelter residents are required to meet with a case manager  one hour each week. Case management will help to prepare an action plan establishing goals to help them establish sustainable housing outside the shelter. Residents may also be referred to the on-site homeless health care team as well as a mental health worker for assessment.

The first step in the case management process is to identify the factors that caused the client to become homeless. The case management team helps determine the client’s eligibility for various housing options, government benefits, work training opportunities, life skills development programs, and encourages clients to seek employment, actively advocating for them in accessing services available through other service organizations. Once a resident has prepared their goal plan with a case manager, they are expected to act on that plan.

By participating in case management on a weekly basis this gains people access to day shelter programs, including lunch and priority for shelter beds.

Back On Track

Aiding Residents In Overcoming Addiction, One Step At A Time

Our Tier Program, recognizes the needs of residents who are attempting to address active substance abuse issues. The program moves from the pre-contemplative stage (Tier 1) through the process to Tier 3. Individuals who reach Tier 3 have overcome major barriers and learned skills which will aid them in breaking patterns which originally contributed to their homelessness. Residents at Tier 3 have accomplished a great deal and worked through many challenges. Women in Tier 3 may move to Angie’s. As clients move up the Tier Program they are more prepared to cope with fears and obstacles associated with homelessness and, for some, the fears associated with addiction. Contact us to find out more about this program.