Health Care for the Homeless Program of Manchester

For more information please call the HCH Manchester clinic team directly at: 603-663-8718.

The mission of Health Care for the Homeless (HCH) Manchester is “to guarantee access to high quality comprehensive health care for all people who are homeless in Manchester, in a way that respects their dignity.  HCH believes that access to health care is a right not a privilege.”

HCH Manchester (also known as the Mobile Community Health Team [MCHT] at Catholic Medical Center) conducts a primary care clinic at two locations: one here at the New Horizons for New Hampshire; and another at the Families in Transition Housing program. All persons who are experiencing homelessness (or who are at risk of being homeless) are welcome to come to the HCH Manchester Clinic, and no one is turned away due to an inability to pay.

HCH Manchester offers clinic sessions daily at New Horizons. Appointments are not necessary. Clinic services include primary medical care, mental health care, addiction counseling, nurse case management, health education, social services, and assistance with entitlements such as Food Stamps, Medicaid and Disability applications. In addition, dental care and eye care is available on a limited basis.

The HCH clinic team includes two physicians, three nurse practitioners, one psychiatric nurse practitioner, three nurses, one social worker, and one front desk clerk/program assistant. HCH Manchester also employs a Street Outreach Nurse who conducts tours four days each week to meet people at smaller shelters in town, and at various other locations to assist people who would like to visit or enroll in the HCH clinic for care.

Outreach health care is central to HCH philosophy and practice. The HCH Manchester program is sponsored through generous support and grants from the Manchester Health Department and Catholic Medical Center.


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HCH Manchester Health Care Classes Available At New Horizons

HCH Manchester employs a health educator who conducts daily classes at clinic, at New Horizons shelter and at other locations. HCH Manchester collaborates with specialty health care providers and social service agencies statewide to insure comprehensive care for all patients.